About The Salon

Tina’s Hair & Nail Salon

Tina’s Hair & Nail Boutique specializes in ethnic, black, and African American hair care, operating in the Historic Old Colorado City. This full service salon and spa caters to all women of color and is a one stop shop for hair, nails, makeup and more!

Tina’s Salon features an extensive Boutique that has everything a woman could want or need! Enjoy a full spa treatment, browse our unique handbags, and then head out on the town looking glamorous!

Meet Tina, The Owner

Tina has always had a passion for bringing beauty into the world. Tina’s talents in the beauty industry inspired her dream to open her own full service salon. She decided to turn those dreams into a reality. In 2003, she opened the doors to Tina’s Hair & Nail Boutique. Today, with over 17 years of experience as the proud Owner of Tina’s Boutique, the salon continues to thrive and Tina is living her dream of making clients feel beautiful and glamorous.